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What to do when your car lease ends

Hyundai Lease-End Options in Bradenton, FL

When you get behind the wheel of a Hyundai, you’ll have an unforgettable driving experience. Here at Gettel Hyundai of Lakewood, we thoroughly explain the leasing process to each of our customers. However, it’s easy to forget what options you have when your lease comes to a close — after all, we probably won’t see you for a few years when that time comes. That’s why we’ve created a guide you can follow that can help you determine what direction you’d like to take once your lease ends. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Lease?

Leasing a new Hyundai comes with a variety of perks, including the fact that you’ll be cruising in an exceptional vehicle without the pressure of ownership. After monthly payments have been made for about two or three years, many typically return their Hyundai to our dealership since the lease expired. Lease terms are generally based on mileage limitations that range between 10,000-15,000 miles.* Don’t sweat it though — if you know in advance that you’ll use more miles than what the limit states, you can always request more at signing.

Benefits of Leasing

Your wallet will thank you when you decide to lease your next new ride! This is simply due to the fact that both the down payment and monthly payments are lower than if you were to purchase the vehicle. You’ll also notice that your lease term will mirror the length of your new vehicle warranty. This means that manufacturer defects and other qualifying repairs will be covered — your sole responsibility will be any routine maintenance that your model requires! Leasing allows for flexibility as well — enjoy the latest Hyundai innovations, and once your lease ends, you don’t have to experience the added stress of selling your car!

Your Lease-End Options

When your lease us up, you’ll have three different paths you can take, including:

Return your vehicle to the dealership

Trade in the lease for a new one

Purchase your vehicle

The flexibility of returning your vehicle to our dealership is one of the most convenient benefits of leasing! Simply return the model and keys to our finance department and pay any applicable fees. Curious about one of our newest models? Trade your current lease for a new one. Have you fallen in love with your Hyundai instead? Purchase it and become its owner!

For more information or to discuss your lease-end options further, contact us today or stop by Gettel Hyundai of Lakewood at 5921 FL-64, Bradenton, FL 34208. And don’t forget to check out our current new car specials to see if you could get an exceptional lease offer on the vehicle you want. We look forward to serving our customers near St. Petersburg and Brandon.

*According to AAA. Please visit this link for more information.