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Gettel Total Loss (GAP) Protection Plan

Lease Excess Wear & Tear Protection Plan

Leasing a vehicle should be the more carefree alternative to ownership. However, you still are at risk for the everyday damage that can happen to your vehicle just by driving it, including small dings and dents, scratches or worn tires. You’re responsible for paying for all of this at lease-end. So if you choose to go with this plan, then you could save big at the end of your lease. The best part about this coverage is that it can be built into the cost of your monthly lease payment.

Coverage You Need

Leased Vehicle Excess Wear & Tear may waive up to $7,500 for excess wear and tear repairs to the following parts:

  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Exterior dents and dings
  • Windshield and glass
  • Headlamps, tail lamps, light bulbs
  • Bumpers, step bumpers, surrounding trim
  • Wheels and wheel covers
  • Factory audio equipment
  • Convertible, padded and vinyl tops
  • Upholstery and interior
  • Carpets
  • Truck bed liners
  • Rubber door seals
  • Mirrors
  • Name plate badges and hood ornaments
  • Door handles
  • Moldings, trim, metal, chrome
  • Belts and hoses

If you're looking to purchase extra protection for your vehicle, stop by any of our dealerships to talk to our friendly and helpful staff. We look forward to serving customers near Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Brandon and surrounding areas.

*Leased Vehicle Excess Wear and Tear will not waive any charges due to improper repairs, removal of bumper stickers, signs, lettering, excess mileage charges or from other occurrences as listed in the Excess Wear and Tear Addendum. This information is only a general outline of the Leased Vehicle Excess Wear & Tear Plan. Please refer to the Leased Vehicle Excess Wear & Tear Plan Addendum for specific details.