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Buying vs. Leasing Your New Vehicle

Have you been wanting a new vehicle for a while, but you're not sure whether to buy or lease? Well, you're in luck because we've outlined the benefits of both choices here, to help you make the decision that's the right fit for your lifestyle. Check out the information below to see if buying or leasing is better for you.


Freedom of Choice

Some of the leading advantages of leasing a vehicle are the freedom and flexibility. When leasing, customers can choose to wait to purchase a vehicle and have the freedom to drive a new one every few years, without having to sell or trade your vehicle.


Leasing terms generally last between 24 to 60 months. This enables you to make lower payments with shorter terms. Plus, you get to pick your mileage. Lessees are typically given 12,000 or 15,000 miles per year, but you're able to buy more miles at signing if you think you need them.

Lower Payments

Since you're purchasing the right to drive the vehicle for a specific period of time, your financial responsibility and monthly payments may be significantly less. Also, if you have a small down payment or none at all, then leasing might be better for you, as there are often leasing options that require $0 down.

Hazard-Free Driving

Because most leases last for a short amount of time, your vehicle probably supplies warranty protection for as long as you drive it.

True Convenience

When your lease expires, all you have to do is return your vehicle and pay any remaining fees. If you don't want to part with your vehicle at the end of your lease, you can buy it at a predetermined price.



Ownership is the best benefit of buying your next vehicle instead of choosing to lease. If you'd like to drive this vehicle for as long as possible, then buying is probably the better option for you. Plus, choosing to buy rather than lease allows you to customize your vehicle to fit your lifestyle.

No Mileage Limitation

When financing your vehicle, you're accountable for the miles you drive, and you don't have a mileage restriction like you do with leasing. Leasing requires that you calculate in advance how many miles you will drive each year. Ownership lets you to drive as much and as far as you want without collecting fees.

Payment Flexibility

When you choose to buy a vehicle, you can either choose to finance or pay all at once. If you choose to purchase a vehicle by utilizing a finance program, you pay down the loan amount over an extended period of time. To achieve the results you want when financing, we suggest that you acquire the best rates available, like what we provide here at Gettel Hyundai of Lakewood.

True Freedom

When you finish your payment schedule, in four to six years, you own your vehicle. You can keep driving for as long as you want without any more payments, or choose to sell or trade at any time.

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